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Virus Removal Services

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Malware Removal

Adware, malware, spyware, Trojans, worms, hijackers, redirectors and viruses. Oh MY!. With the number of threats to our privacy, data and security out there today it is a wonder we get any work done. Lucky todays antivirus software is out there protecting and defending us from evil doers.

But sometimes, you forget to renew your antivirus subscription, press a button you wished you hadn’t, opened an email from a "friend". Went to a website you thought was safe. We have all done it. And BAM! Your infected, pictures of pink elephants fill your screen you get redirected to the jam of the month club or worse you are locked out of your PC accused of going to the most horrible sites, your own laptop takes a picture of you and threatens to do more damage if you don’t pay them a ransom.

Our staff are experts at computer virus removal. Removing todays viruses takes know how. The bad guys update, modify and reinvent their threats EVERYDAY. Most of the PCs we see have "Working" antivirus on them. Simply running utilities is often not enough. You need to know how the attack works to thougoughly remove it and keep it from re infesting your pc.

  • "Absolutely the Best! Tom is an EXPERT. I have used PC Crisis several times. This time I dropped off my laptop to remove a nasty virus; he had it ready for me by the end of the day. He recommended a better antivirus software and recommended additional memory. I said go for it. My laptop screams!! It wasn't this fast the day I bought it. On a prior visit he recovered all of my pictures, music and most improtantly a novel I was writing from a hard drive that failed. I have absolute trust and confidence in Tom."

    Amy H., March 25, 2011

Removing the active threat is only part of the solution. Many viruses leave critical functions disabled. Like the ability to do updates. After we are confident the attack and its references are removed we continue on to perform updates that will help keep other attacks out.

Our turnaround is great too. Most virus removal services are performed in 24 to 48 hours. In a vast majority of cases we are able to remove the attack and get your services working without wiping out the computer. This means when you pickup your computer you can sit back down at your desk and pick-up right where you left off without reinstalling everything. On the rare occasion that the attack is too severe or you have multiple issues and the Operating system has to be reinstalled don’t worry we can back-up all of your data and restore it when we are finished.

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