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    Tom Grenga, Owner

    Hi my name is Tom Grenga and I have been in the electronics and computers industries for over 30 years.

    I started my computers and electronics career back in the early 1980s fixing Atari 2600s, CB radios and anything else that broke in the neighborhood. I ran a BBS service back in the days of AOL, Prodigy, Compuserve and Earthlink. My Junior High School science fair entry was a robot that could move on its own, detect walls, had an arm that moved, a claw that articulated and opened and closed and a mouth that shot a stream of water.

    In High School I was responsible for a 4-man road crew installing 12 foot satellite dishes. At the same time I also worked with law enforcement agencies in New England dealing with two-way radios and covert communications.

    I am proud to be a 2-time US Skills Olympics Gold Medal winner in Industrial Electronics.

    I have worked in the semiconductor industry as a Failure Analysis Technician where I was able to get inside the IC chips and, using high power microscopes and advanced test equipment, determine why a chip had failed.

    I was a Broadcast Engineer in the Providence, RI Radio and TV Market where I was responsible for the proper operation of all of the electronic equipment from the live trucks and studios to several 30 Kilo Watt FM, 50 Kilo Watt AM and a 3 Mega Watt UHF TV transmitter.

    Tom Grenga

    Tom and his Robot

    In 1993 I took the position of Chief Technical Officer for a digital reader board company where I was responsible for the timely installation LED reader boards on a fleets of over 1000 buses in both Providence, RI and Dallas, TX. Post installation I was responsible for their ongoing maintenance and the development of wireless delivery technologies to get the data to the vehicles while under way. This company folded due to lack of funding but I continued to do their ongoing electronics maintenance and consulting through 2005.

    In 2005 I developed an interactive voice response (IVR) system for delivering medical test results to patients in multiple languages. This was the first of its kind. I have designed robots, worked on aerial delivery systems, setup and maintained a 300 plus two-way radio network for the ESPN ECO challenge in Maine.

    I have written programs in a dozen languages, from PC BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN to Assembly.

    Since 1998 I have owned and operated a computer repair shop first in Rhode Island for 8 years and since 2005 here in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina where my wife and I and 2 children now call home.

    As a hobby I am working on building my own INMOOV robot. You can check out the project at .